upgrading amazement

Upgrading Navision 3.60 to 3.70, the upgtk manual says i need to merge the objects in Developers Toolkit and then import to empty database, which i did. Then it says during the import of the changed objects: You do not have permission to create the ‘Currency’ Table. Contact the system manager if you need to have your permissions changed. NB! Logged in user has all rights, licence is developers one (upgraded 2005).

You can’t import the text file into a blank database. You should be importing it into a restored database?

Best thing is to import in a database without having a company.

This error has nothing to do with a company. You are trying to import a text file with the definition for table 4 (Currency) into a database without this table. Hence it thinks you are trying to create this table (Which you are not allowed to do with any license). If this table were already there, it would see you were modifying it instead.