Upgrades to 3.60

I would like to hear from other NSC’s about their experiences with upgrading to 3.6. We find a lot of manual work and many hours for some upgrades. Any ideas of how to shorten the cycle? Thanks, Ed

Hi Ed, If you take a look on the 3.7 posting from Anu, this might give you some indication of what is involved. There are also loads of postings if you search the forums under ‘upgrade’ which could help you out a bit and show some of the experiences people have had in the past. In general, the time it takes to upgrade varies on the level of customisation in the database in question. From my experiences, there is a lot of manual work involved and unfortunately, most is fairly unavoidable. The merge tool will be a quicker but generally you will spend as much time undoing the mistakes it made as you would have done by making the changes into the new version manually. My advice is to try the upgrade process a number of times on a slightly customised database as practice. This will allow you to design an upgrade plan that you can run though for real which might make things a little quicker. I would also recommend looking at going straight to 3.7. It is similar to 3.60 but has a lot of fixes in it that will save a lot of time in the long run. Hope this helps. Good luck!

? There is some manual work - but that is what it is… *Do not work on LAN, do the work on a local mashine with an UPS. *Do a test-conversion with a “small” company (e.g. Cronus) to catch “stupid errors” before the final conversion. *Follow the guidelines from MBS. *Make backups between procedures. *…