Upgraded to NAV 2013: Role Centers


I upgrade the database NAV 2009 R2 to NAV 2013.Data migration is also completed now problem is user wise men assignment. In R2 one user can access Production, Quality and store in NAV 13 I used Production Manager Role center but I also use Quality And store.If Quality and Store added in Production Manager role center then production manager role center is very heavy and user confused because so many pages,Reports etc then how can assign a menu in user wise.


Hi Sunil,

I’ll suggest that you create a new role specifically with the functions your users need. The default role centers are often good, but if not, then you create the role centers that matches the requirements of the users.

Hi Sunil,

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Is there any way that we can assign menus to particular user in 2013 r2 like we have achieved this goal in nav 2009

Simply i want that the user can view the menus which we assign to him.

For Example a particular user with permission of sales department can only view the pages and reports of sales department

It s not possible as we used to do in Classic.

We need to create separate role centers as suggested y Erik.

Thanks mohan