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I’m trying to upgrade a customized NAV2015 to BC on cloud. First, we have to upgrade it to BC14 onPrem. This step is easy, upgrade objects, upgrade data… like all the upgrades. The result is a BC14 onPrem customized database.

Looking the official documentation, it’s said that we must convert the customized APP from C/AL to AL, creating a customized BaseApp!! What sense does it make? Shouldn’t be better to create extensions at this point, and use a standard BaseApp and the extension? In this case, how should be the transition made from customized NAV2015 to standard BC14 for not losing data in customized fields and tables?

Thank you all, hopefully tips will be welcome for everyone, I think that this should be a quite normal issue at this point for developers…


Below are the points which you have to take care to not loose any customized data.

  1. Create all customized field in tables for both on-premises as well Online.

  2. Upload app file in on premise.

  3. Upgrade database.

  4. After successfully upgrade for on-premise then u**pload app file in online BC (**Saas).

  5. Transfer the data from on-premise to online(saas) & use clod migration management.

  6. In clod migration management tool, manage custom table to transfer custom table data.

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