Upgrade for Version 2.00 to 4.00

Has any one been unfortunate to Upgrade from Version 2.00 to 4.00 using the MBS-Navision Upgrade Toolkit (GB). Running the 2nd part of the upgrade, running F104,002 seems to be coming back with all kinds of problems, such as .Creating Contacts Persons without equivalent Contacts Companies .Creating Posted Document Dimensions that exist already. .Creating Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry or Detailed Vend. Ledg. Entry that exist already. Just wondering if anybody else has had a similar fate! Cheers David

Did you use the 3.7 toolkit and upgrade to 3.70B first, then upgrade to 4.00. You must make this intermediate upgrade step when coming from 2.xx

David, I am having the same problems with the same section of the 4.00 upgrade toolkit. I modified the codeunit dealing with Document Dimensions to test the return value of the insert command so that the function would not bomb. I’m still testing the bit dealing with the Detailed Cust/Vend Ledg. Entries. I think that either the function is being called twice, or the NextEntryNo counter is getting reset to 1. Haven’t found it yet, but I’ll keep looking. Yours is the only post I’ve found on the subject either. Might be worthwhile to compare this 200/260-400 codeunit against those in the 3x kits to see if the problem persists across them all. Let me know if you find anything. George

It could be great if everyone checked what site they where posting to before posting. Moved from Microsoft CRM Development to Navision Development forum.

I have the same unfortunate faith, or even worse. I’m at the first part of the upgrade and don’t know what to do with the fields names which changed the word GST (in 2.xx) with VAT (in 4.00)e.g. GST AMOUNT → VAT Amount. Should I manually change them in the old version before merging the customizations? Please help.