Upgrade announcement to our bloggers

Dear blogger on DUG,

You may have read the announce that the site is being upgraded? If not please read it here:


Like the rest of the site, then this upgrade also means that all the current blog themes are going to be “reset” back to the basic page layout.

In the current (soon to be old) site, the blogger could choose from about 10 different themes. These themes the blogger have been able to customize.

Right now, on the new site there is only one theme! But I’m currently working on a few extra examples. But the entire look and feel can easily be changed. The “content” and “layout” can be changed via the page editor in the new control panels. And the fonts/colors etc. via CSS overrides in the theme settings.
Then if you want more, then let’s look at it.

Original blogs vs mirror blogs

The option of changing the blog layout, is something that I am only going to enable on “original blogs”. At least for now. A “mirrored” blog, is a blog which is only feeder through an RSS feed. An “original blog” has dynamicsuser.net as their blog host. Something we offer for free to all our members.

What has changed

I’m sure most of you quickly will find your way around, when you click the little pencil in the upper left corner (if you are a current blog owner). Or the “Administer blog” on the “More” button in the blog homepage.

As a blog owner, then you will be able to do most of the changes directly from the blog administration. But careful, the control panels have also changed. So take a little time to try it out on the new site.

I have only updated a few of the original blogs, which have been actively posting within the last year. If you have not posted anything new the last or so year, then I will disable new comments and the change blog options. But if you need to change them and post again, then let me know. Just by posting a reply here.

Same if you want to know more about hosting your own blog on DUG.

What with your old blog links?

Any links into the old “native” blogs and forums, using their existing URL’s will continue to be functional and redirected internally by the website. But the in new site they follow the user group structure per product. AX blogs under the AX user group, NAV blogs under the NAV user group, and so on.

If you old blog url were (in example a NAV blog):


then the future url will be


Blog post URL’s used to be


New site:


So the URL’s have become a little more user friendly.

A request?###

If anyone wants to volunteer and help a new create few new blog themes for our bloggers, then please let me know. I’m currently the only one working on this project. It would really help if anyone else could help. [:)]

Awesome Erik! Thanks for the update. Anything I can do to help, let me know.