Upgrade 3.7 to 2009 (A Lot Of Problem)

Hi Friends,

I’m trying upgrade 3.7 to 2009 (Indonesia Version). I face a lot of problem. I follow upgrade toolkit of 3.7 to 2009.

When i did data migration step some data don’t carry to 2009, missing and wrong value at 2009.

3.7 Item card link with BOM Component table. But 6.0 do have but it change to Kit Component. 3.7 to 6.0 data migration step BOM Component data is not carry to 6.0. Another one is Big Different table structure within “WHT Entry”. When i did data migration WHT Entry data are wrong.

Why don’t have at Microsoft NAV upgrade toolkit? Why ignore this case? Why do they make different ID/structure?

Which table do i need to use (3.7 wht entry or 2009 wht entry) ?

Major problem is different structure of WHT Entry table. I can’t do migration.

Kindly, please advice to me. I’m trying 1 month ago but I can’t solve until.

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Hi yukon,
Nav 2009 changed structure of database. You should manually move data from previos versions.
You should analyze data in your database in order to make migration.
There is situatons when no field mapping exists, or one field in 3.7 maps to 3 fields in NAV2009 or one table in 3.7 split in two tables in 2009.
So there is no direct solution and usually not easy task.
If you do not mind i can do this analyze.

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your help. Do you have 3.7 ID (Indonesia Version)? If you don’t, can i send to you? Let’s work together.

Best Regards,


Sent to your email parameters of my ftp server for upload.