Upgrade 2.60AD Avg Cst with Cst Detail Addon.

I am upgrading a customer with 2.60AD and the Cost Detail Addon. I intended to zero out the inventory, move the Item Ledger Entry Table, and upgrade them bringing in the inventory with a Physical Inventory Adjustment no go. The Client wants their old history immediately available and they want their statistics. Problem is: When I have their inventory zeroed out and all adjust cost processes run, the have a pending adjustment of -66k. I have run the correct cost processes included in the 2.60 to 3.60 toolkit from Microsoft and that worsens the Pending Adjustment. Any suggestions? Is there a way for me to reset the Item Ledger Entry Table so that I can force the adjust cost to run again thus cleaning out all of the entries before upgrade and after setting the remaining quantities to 0?

The short answer is yes, but this is extemely difficult and would have to be done by your NSC. It is a time/labour intensive process to make things are reset correctly which should be probably signed off by both sides.

Why is there a pending adjustment of -66k when you 0 out the inventory? Do they have items that are shipped/received but no invoiced yet? If so, try invoicing them first and see if you get the same problem.

You are correct Lizard, this is the first place to look…I made the assumption that everything was applied correctly and it was more an issue with custom. As well as checking that everything is invoiced, you should make sure that there aren’t any Open Negative Entries.

Thanks guys! Running Inventory to G/L Reconciliation shows Received not Invoiced and Shipping not invoiced. But there are no open Purchase Orders or Sales Orders. I summed the item Ledger entry count, and now that I have zeroed out all of the remaining qties, the net count should be 0, but it isn’t. I found a function that the previous NSC wrote to allow deletion of Item Ledger Entry lines. I then ran a report to show missing Entries Nos and wa lah! There are around 20 missing. Some people’s children. My guess is that the customer was having problems with posting a couple of documents, and they couldn’t. Rather than correcting the root of the problem, a quick fix was applied. And the documents and their associated entries were removed.