Updating Database

Hi all I have to update a Customer-Database from NF V2.0 to 2.1 and finally to 2.60 Does anyone knows special problems? Some hints or tips? Kind regards Ben Benjamin Crause webmaster@amargosasun.de Germany

One thing to watch out for is that v. 2.6 doesn’t let you have more than one object with the same name. This is a good change— but it does complicate things if you have objects with the same name. This never happens with the standard “shrinkwrapped” objects but it happens a lot when developers add new objects. Sometimes it happens deliberately, if someone gives the same name to a table and its form— sometimes it happens by mistake if objects are created with numbers in one range and then have to be renumbered because of licensing issues. (That second problem arises especially when you start putting new objects in the custom object range and then you discover you have so many new objects that it would be cheaper to buy a table, form, report, etc. designer’s license instead.) Aside from that the only other warning I have is to forget about using the Navision Merge tool: it doesn’t work very well. You should make change logs with the Navision Compare tool and apply them to the new version’s objects as you go along. Good luck! ------- Tim Horrigan horrigan@aol.com

Dont forget to look at the Table Lockins as well it is different in 2.60 > this is for SQL. If you are staying on Native Navision still do these changes to stop another upgrade if the user goes SQL Look at the Upgrade txt Doc for futher Issues David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: david@mindsource.co.uk Web: www.mindsource.co.uk