updating center column price for all boms using the same item number that has a price change

I am new here, so if this has already been discussed, I am sorry. My question is when you have a price change on a raw material, it there a way in AX09 to have a boms using that item to do a new bom calc so it can be activated in the center column price? thank you, marty

I meant to say, a way to run something that will update all boms that use that item, instead of doing a bom calc and activating everything individually.

If you are not standard costed then it will use the running average, if it is standard then you need to roll up the prices to get the new price or treat as a variance until you activate the new standard cost for the item.

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Is that true? I always thought the running average was really only shown on the “On-hand” form. On the item form, the “inventory cost price” is either most recent cost price from an inventory transaction (if you have the “latest cost price” box ticked), is manually keyed in, or is transferred from an active costing version.


I’m pretty sure there’s a where used functionality you can use to recalculate all the assemblies that use a particular component. If you’re using standard costing, manually create a new record in your costing version with the new component price. Once you do that, click the “calculation” button as if you were going to create a new calculation. Inside that form, there should now be a “where-used” box available for selection. Once you select that, new pending cost records will be created for items that use the component product you selected.


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