Updating Catch Weight Item not allowed because inventory indicated but no inventory exists

We have a Catch Weight item with a unit of measure conversion. When we try to change the unit of conversion it updates the nominal quantity but doesn’t allow updating the Min and Max quantities because it says “Catch weight details cannot be changed for this item: item has existing inventory”, but there is no inventory. Does this look at past transactions? As to say past transactions would be affected and not allowed?

It seems as though if transactions are on record from historical transactions I cannot make a change to min/max. However if no historical transactions exist I can make changes. How can I confirm?

It will not allow to change the catch weight setup, if there is any inventory with below status

Picked or Registered or Ordered or Reserved or Deducted or Picked or Received or OnOrder or Arrived or Quotation issue/receipt

BTW, please always tag your AX version.

Thank you! We didn’t have any inventory but did learn there is a separate menu to allow this change. #ax

What is your AX version? Please explain your solution, so that it may help others with similar issue.