Updating an Enum Value From Another Form.

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I Have a lookup (Say in Form A )which will be showing the vacant RoomIds from Another form(Say Form B).Here Status is an Enum Whose elements are Status::(Vacant , reserved,occupied).My problem is that when i use one room id in Form A and for the next Record also it is showing the RoomID which we used previously.Here i am facing challenge in updating particular RoomID Status in Form B to occupied. Pls help out in updating status of particular room id used in Form A i.e updating Staus in FormB, SO that we ill get the roomid in Form A which are vacant.

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Can you explain it clearly???

Hii Kranthi Here is my Chaalenge.Pls Suggest me abt the Solution.

I have Two Forms in which RoomNo is Common.In FormA i have one more field Status of type Enum with elements(Vacant,Reserved, Occupied).In FormB i have a look up form RoomNo which will be showing the RoomNo’s which are vacant(as in FormA).Now when we create a new record and take one RoomNo which is Vacant and for the next record also in lookup i am getting RoomNo which we took earlier.Here my Challenge is how to update FormA Status as Reserved for the RoomNo which we are using in FormB.

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I would suggest to update the status by overriding the modified field of room id bt writing a select query or find method based on room id selection from form A.

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How you are getting the lookup - by using the relation in EDT or by overriding the Lookup method?

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i am getting lookup using relation.

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