Updates to the website: Product Group Pages

Dear all,

You might have noticed the menu-bar on the front and forum pages. This bar contains a link to the main area’s of this website, which has been divided into Dynamics NAV, AX, CRM, GP and the International and Community areas.

This way if you are only interested in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, then you can just visit this page and don’t have to be overloaded with lots of information about the other Microsoft Dynamics products. And the same for Dynamics AX, NAV and GP.

One these new subject group pages you will find both the known forums and forum posts (this part has actually existed for many years), but now also product specific lists of recent blog posts, downloads and documentation.

As a part of this then all our blogs have been regrouped from our previous division into product specific blogs. My own blog is to be found under the “Community” area, as it normally is not product, but community specific.

This change is something we have discussed here for some years, as many members have requested that the products would be more divided, so that they don’t have to “waist” so much time on posts regarding products they are not interested in.

I hope that you like the new changes.