Updates for Dynamics Nav 2013

Hi All,

I have a Visual Studio 2013 installed and Dynamics Nav 2013 for learning purposes with MSDN license. I have read, that I need to apply some update to be able to use VS2013 with Nav 2013 for report designing, bet unfortunately I can’t access any of those updates with my Microsoft account (it strange, what I do have access for all those product downloads through MSDN subscription, but not the updates). I tried to use Nav 2015 for training, where Report designer from VS2013 works fine, but this one doan’t have valid MSDN learning license available in MSDN site…

So, I’m wondering, is it possible, that somebody share the updates for Dynamics Nav 2013?


Are you talking about Cumulative Updates released by MS ??

Yes, I found a lot of articles in the internet about it, but all of them refer to knowledge base article here:


,which is not publicly accessible for some reason.