I have a twist on the forecolor in a tabular form. I need to alternate “groups” of records in a different color. For example, a form might show all sales lines sorted by Document No. One group might have 1 line, another group 20. We need to alternate the “groups” of Document No’s between Black and Blue. Does anyone have any Ideas?

You need to set the forecolour of each and every field(shown in tabular form) in OnFormat trigger.

Standard Navision shows (in some forms) only the first Document No. of the group. I think that’s more nicer solution. You will get something like this: Document No. Posting Date 100010100 01-01-03 02-01-03 100010101 01-01-03 02-01-03 03-01-03 100010102 01-01-03 100010103 01-01-03

Emiel, Which form in Navision shows document no’s like that?

Form 5709 - Get Receipt Lines

Thanks, Emiel, for leading someone away from the hideous idea of using different colours in a Navision form. What was he thinking! [;)]