update unit cost

Hi, I am new to Navision and got a problem regarding updating inventory unit cost usiing FIFO method.

My situation is:

I entered a purchasing order without unit cost in the system. It has been posted as well. Now I got the unit cost information but I can’t simply change the unit cost in the item card. Navision poped up an error saying there is an outstanding activies attached to this item, and unit cost can’t be changed.

How can I update the unit cost? Please help.

Thanks a lot.

Normally you would only receive the item on the PO, and then when you get the costing information you would do the invoicing.

Since you are already received/invoiced, you can get your costing in sync by using Item Charges. Just create a new PO and enter a line item with type Item Charge, select the line button, and assign the charge to the receipt you previously did.

i agree with Snielsen. use the Type Charge (item), and you can even use this option in the INVOICE.

another thing, you can also try to enter the unit cost by using dataport.

…or why not use Warehouse → Inventory → Revaluation Journals?

For us the merch usually arrives before the invoice. & as SNeilsen says "Normally you would only receive the item on the PO, and then when you get the costing information you would do the invoicing.’

It’s ok to post-receive but wait till the invoice from the vendor comes before post->invoice.
You can update the costs to match the invoice so a correct payable is also created.

To Morris using a dataport to change the “Unit Cost” of the item card isn’t really going to work - since it’s a calculation & on the next Adjust-Cost batch job it will change back.

Hi SNielsen,

Thanks for your suggestion. If I do another PO as Item Charge, whether the unit cost will be showed up in the item card so in the future i will have the unit cost there available to use?


To all lovely friends,

One of my colleagues said the manager used to do revaluation for this situation. Since the manager is sick and no way to get an answer from him now, I think it will be better to do revaluation. But how? I have no idea. Can anyone offer a step by step instruction? And another question is, since only the order has been post, it should not be any transaction actually occurred in accounting point of view. Why Navision won’t allow us to simply change the unit cost in the item card?

Thanks a lot.

Open a revaluation journal. Manually create a line, select the item, select the applies to, alter the cost, post the journal.

If you revalue an item there will be a financial impact, of course there will be, you cannot magic inventory value from no where. [:D]

Navision will not allow you to simply change the unit cost because this has no affect on posted ledger entries and would be misleading.

I advise you get some documented procedures and your manager trains people - no point in a business grinding to a halt because one person is ill.