Update the field in SalesTable


I want to update the voucher Field In SalesTable , i placed a voucher field in SalesTable and make a relation vth CustTrans

but i want when i check the Markup Trans in CustOpenTrans Form then that related voucher Should only update in My Sales Table Form in (Voucher Field). i tired alot but their is only one common field between SalesTable and CustTrans i.e CustAccount and Voucher is comming from CustTrans Table.

so please suggest the answer for this solution.



Adding a voucher field will not be appropriate, as the sales order can have multiple vouchers related it to in custTrans…

hi kranthi,

then how to get that one if i click on marktrans Checkbox related to that voucher should only come into my field which placed in salesTable.

Can you elaberate your requirement and reasons for this modification?