Update Sub form from 3rd form

Hi, I have a header and lines on a form, similar to Sales Header and Sales lines. There is a menu button when clicked opens another form say form3. In form3 info is entered and there is a command button TRANSFER, when pressed updates the sub form. The info is updated in the sub form table but on the subform the info is not updated until we scroll up and down on the subform after closing form 3. I have tried all the options given in the forum but still cannot get it to work. Anything am missing? any other solution would be greatly appreciated. (Using Native DB version 5) Thank You

Hi Mak,

Depending on where the button is placed do:

  1. on the subform - add a currform.update;

  2. on the main form - create a function in the subform with currform.update; and call from the main form (e.g. currform.subform.form.refreshform)

Hi Dave, Thank you for the answer but somehow i could not get it to work as u explained. Instead i have opened a dialog box while the transfer process is running and this worked perefectly. Thank You

No problem - good work.