Update sales order lines upon modifying sales order header

Dear All,

Updation of sales order lines not happening after modifying sales order header.

Ex: after changing language from EN to FR in header , changes not reflecting in sales lines

How can i fix this issue, is there any set up for this or should i do modification by code?



In a standard AX2012 the LanguageId field of SalesTable is put into a HeaderToLineUpdate field group, which basically means that functionality for “header to lines” update for Language code is definitely implemented. I believe it might be the same case for AX2009 and AX4.0.

Make sure that in system parameters the update process is enabled for this field. Open the SalesTable2LineParameters output menu item (of for AX2012 in menu : Account receivable → Setup → Account receivable parameters → Tabpage “Updates” → Button “Update order lines”) and check if the update flag for the “Language” field is not set to “NEVER”.

Dear Janis,

You are write, language Id filed of sales table is there in HeaderToLineUpdate field group.

And at parameter level i checked, update flag is set to “PROMT”. Parameters are set correct but still i am not getting reason for this issue.



Do you try to re-save the header immediately after changing the language code in it? → If so, does the dialog come up that states that it wants to do an update to the lines level? → If the dialog comes up, do you mark the checkbox in the dialog box to confirm that language should be updated to lines as well? If as you say that update from header to lines of the language field is enabled in paramters and after updating the language in header and trying to save the order and stiill no dialog window comes up, then it looks that some standard logic in that system has been overwritten in X++. This should have worked in standard system.