Update Role Center Caption Through Profile Description

Hi all,

I would like to change the caption of the Sales Order Processor Role Center. In NAV 2017, I am able to change the Role Center caption by changing Profile description. After re-login to the RTC, the caption is updated. But I do the same way in NAV 2018 and Business Central, the Role Center caption didn’t change as per Profile Description. Is the way to update the caption changed?

Thanks in advance.

NAV 2017

NAV 2018

Hi Henry - 11 month later - I have the same issue with the BC-Windows-Client. Did you find any solution?

Maybe the author of the book on role centers have the answer [mention:4a07ce597c904f50a75d74552219b7a6:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]?

In BC15 it works, just tested it