Update Forms

Hi all, I have 2 different forms, form A and Form B. On each form I have a control. Form A → “Reference Date”, on Form B → “New Date”. When I open Form A, Form B opens automatically and the 2 controls are filled with the workdate. Is it possible -and if so, how- to change the control “New Date” on Form B automatically when i give another date in the control “Reference Date” on form A, and vice versa? Thanx in advance

Sven I have to say that this looks like your question should read… I am an ex VB (or whatever) programmer, and pretty much want to program Navision the way I used to do in VB. What ever you are trying to do, yo are probably trying to do the wrong thing. If you can post not HOW you want to write the code, but WHAT you want to achieve, I think you will find that there is a Navision solution out there. It may be subforms, it may not, but you eed to let us know what you ar trying to achieve.