Update for Navision

This topic is especially for the developers of the W1-version of Navision, but also for other developers who might have thought about this solution earlier. Hello, On printing a report in the lowest part of the screen there is stated with what page Navision is dealing with. We can see when a report contains more pages than 1 and we can see if a report has finished (on screen that is). Is it a possibility that you develop a Variable for the data given in that part of the screen. When a report - containing 6 pages - has finished, it will say : Report generation completed (6 pages). My opinion is that the statement of the “6 pages” can be used as a variable as it is generated by Navision (spooling), so we can use it on printing the report with mentioning the total number of pages. I hope this idea will make it through… Hesdo BV Arno Teurlings (User) The Netherlands

You have no access to the Print spooler, so no, you are not going to be able to access this.

Ok, I know that I have no access to the print spooler, but I might work though ? Than this modification can be made by the developers of Navision and this way the problem will be solved.

Yes I guess they could, bt I don’t think they plan on it.imagine for example you print preview, then after calculating the number of pages, you print and choose a diferent paper size, the print out would then be all wrong. It truely is a complex task.