Update batch disposition quality orders


I have this situation: when i create (manual or through a Quality association) more than one Quality order over the same batch number, and at least one of them has a Test group that updates the batch dispositon, i have to Validate all the Quality orders that don´t update batch disposition BEFORE so i am allowed to validate the one that does update batch dispositon.

The real problema occurs when i have two QO over the same batch and both of them Update batch dispositon, in this scenario i can`t validate neither of them, it displays the error message: Quality order already open for item ProdJPM and batch L-004. At this point the only option is to delete one of the QO and only then you are able to validate the other one.

Is this a bug? In my process there are two QO open over the same batch at the same time (through a Quality Association) and i can´t delete any of them, so how can i manage this?