Unsafe ActiveX Control message - assist. requested

Just as of the last couple of days, every time I access Navision Help in V4.0 (which I am doing to create some training documentation), I get the message “An ActiveX control on this page might be unsafe to interact with other parts of the page. Do you want to allow this interaction?” When I respond Yes, everything proceeds normally. But the message seems to come up for every Navision Help request, which is most irritating. I’ve checked the Internet and Microsoft.com. On Microsoft.com, it advises to recreate the source document with a control that won’t trigger the error message. That’s not very useful as it is the Microsoft Navision Help which is triggering the message. It does say the error message is associated with Office 2003, which I am using. I checked with another Navision Developer who is using Office 2003 with V4.0 at multiple sites. He has never seen this message. I suspect it has to do with some specific IE or system security setup feature. I would like very much to make the constant error message go away. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

I don’t know but Nav4 has more of these messages. The hyperlink function has the same kind of message. It seems that they have added some kind of security just like running macros in MS-Office. Maybe there is a new setting ‘security level’ in Navision 4?

After more than two days of experimenting, reinstalling, and searching, I found a solution to the constant ActiveX warning message. The solution was to unregister the Company Notes dll, which is named CompNotesHtml.dll. I found the information at the site support.microsoft.com/newsgroups for Navision. The solution was courtesy of Henrik Skydtsgaard. At this point, it would be my guess that the problem has something to do with the fact that I have been operating my V4.0 in standalone mode and have not set up anything relative to Company Notes. I have not experimented to verify that guess is correct or not. If anyone knows, it would be good to share the knowledge. I am also experiencing the other problem referenced by janpieter. When I have defined a Shortcut access in the V4.0 Shortcut menu to (for example) Excel or Word exe files, I get the error message “C/SIDE hyperlinking failed”. I get that mesage for any shortcut to any .exe file. I do not get that message for references to a .doc or .xls file for example; those work fine. Any ideas on that one?

David, I’ve heard that the combination that provokes the annoying message is ‘CompanyNotes’ in a WinXP SP2 environment. Hope this helps.

Fritz, Company Notes yes, SP2 no. The machines I’ve been testing on are both XP Pro and XP Home, neither is SP2, but both have the latest non-SP2 updates installed. In my earlier note I neglected to supply the unregister details for unregistering CompNotesHtml.dll Run cmd regsvr32 /u [pathname to Navision 4.0]…\Client\CompNotelHtml.dll After unregistering this dll, the annoying "…unsafe ActiveX…] message was eliminated, much to my relief. BTW: I’ve talked to several others who are running similar configurations to my own (we couldn’t identify any meaningful differences) who have not seen the problems I described.

Hi, For more information on “C/SIDE hyperlinking failed” error you can search for topic “C/SIDE hyperlinking failed” [;)] Here is a link if you don’t like to search for it: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12727&SearchTerms=C/SIDE+hyperlinking+failed

Dave, I am trying to unregister it on an XP machine and getting the message: On the Top left hand cornet of error window: RegSVR32. In the Error Window: LoadLibrary(“c:\program”) failed - The specified module could not be found." I verified that the path it right. Any ideas? Regards, Ed

Ed, Although you say you have verified the to the file CompNotelHtml.dll in the V4.0 installation (default would be in a Program Files subdirectory), I still would suspect a path problem simply because that has been the cause of each instance of that “Program not found” message I have seen so far. If it’s not the path, I’m afraid I don’t have a good guess for you.

Ed, make sure that you put the path within quotes. Or, CD in to the directory that the file is located and then run regsvr32.

Dear all, in one messages I think there is a typing error: In my opinion it should mean “CompNotesHtml.dll” instead of “CompNotelHtml.dll”. Works fine … THANKS A LOT! Rgds to all Robert

Robert, You are quite correct. The typo was my error. Good job proofreading.

Argh!!! If you unregister the CompNotesHtml.dll, then the Company Notes function (ability to write and edit customized notes) will not work!

A choice of evils.

Doh! Another topic I cant access!