Unrealized Profit on stock transfer


I am doing in in NAV 2009 R2. I am doingr a transfer order for an Item with a Transfer Price higher than the Item cost. The Item is valued in FIFO. As per Indian localizations the difference amount should go to the “Unrealized Profit” account (as what is there in the set up). Though I am finding the transfer is done only in cost and both Dr. and Cr. is taken in “Unrealized Profit” account. Thus in this way it is nullifying the effect.

The above is happening in both ‘Transfer shipment’ as well as in ‘Transfer Receipt’.

Please tell me why it is happening. Though as per the release in “Unrealized Profit -Feature Instructin guide” the above account should not be nullified.

Unrealized Profit account in Inventory setup means if any users change the unit price while doing transfer order (i.e. Shipment) then difference in that Item original unit cost and changed Unit price will be recorded in this account. System will take care internally . After doing receipt of that item it reverses that entry in that account .