Unpost Jounral

Hi, Anyone have the idea how to print a Trial Balance which can be included unposted jounral balance? Thanks a lot,

Hi, If you are using Account Schedule to print Trial Balance then it is not possible. (Unless until you don’t do customization in Account Schedule module). You can modify Report ID - 4 and 6 to include the unposted Journal Entries. Even thogh it is not so easy job. If Type G/L and balancing Account Type is G/L then it will not require too much effort but Type is like Customer/Vendor etc then You need to check corresponding Accounts based on Posting Setup done.

Hi Simon, The report that you are attempting to print cannot be technically called as a ‘Trial Balance’, as the ‘trial balance’ should constitute posted entries only. However if you need ‘another report’ which also includes unposted entries, would suggest you to use the reconcile feature in Navision which gives you the ‘net change’ and the ‘balance’ of an account including the unposted Journal lines. You can use table called ‘G/L account net change’ to generate such a report. Cheers,

Many thanks for your reply