Unknown Automation Server.Application

Hi All,

I have small confusion, I have same object in my local database & client’s server. Only difference is my system have office installed & client’s do not.

While compiling a table I am getting error on client’s server :Could not load the selected type library.

On my system I am able to compile the same object.

And in variables in both databases I am seeing :

Name DataType Subtype Length

wrdApp Automation Unknown Automation Server.Application

My confusion is if I object is compiling on my system then in variable it should show selected automation library.

Why it is showing Unknown Automation Server.Application, what does it mean?

The version of office while developed is different and the version you have it in your system is different. (just a guess)

Aaah try just re selecting the automation sub classes in the variable…

this shud solve the problem…


I think you have copied some other report and trying to modify the same

GO the Variables and select the subtype again .compile and check

If the automation you’re using in your object is using is the automations to Office, then it needs to be installed both on your system (to compile) and on your clients. The Office automation is basically a piece of the Office program that you’re incorporating into your program. And unless the “piece” is present when running the object then you will get the above error.