Unknow Automation Server - CRM Module

Hi, I’ve a problem with the CU 5064, in the function “Lookup Folder”, the variable OutlookHandler as a subtype to “Unknow Automation Server”. Someone could tell me the Automation Object Server and the Classes to put there ? Thanks in advance, Luc

It is the ‘Navision Attain ApplicationHandler’.OutlookHandler, NSAppHandler.dll. Should normally be registered when installing. If not just use: regsvr32 nsapphandler.dll

Is normally placed in folder: c:\program files\shared files\navision\application handler

I’ve try, but i receive this error now : “You have specified an unknow vairable” - “FindFolderID” ? I’ve try with the 4th classes “MapiHandler, TAPIHandler, MergeHandler and WordHandler” I don’t find the “OutlookHandler” that your say ? If you have another idea, i take [;)] Thanks for your reply Luc

sorry, i go to quickly, i’ve find another version for this dll more recently, and now it work, thanks for your help, Luc