Unit Cost on Sales Orders

I believe that this is a known issue with NAV, but wanted to see if anyone has addressed it. When a sales order is invoiced, the unit cost amount on the sales invoice line is set. If the unit cost of the item sold gets changed by posting a purchase invoice and/or adjust cost for that item, the item ledger entry and the GL are corrected, but the unit cost line on the sale invoice is not corrected. This is causing some issue for us when trying to reconcile between the GL and the unit cost on the sales invoice line. Has anyone figured out how to deal with this? Currently running NAV 2009 Classic.

This is so by design. That is one of reasons, why you should NEVER do any reporting based on Document Tables - only Ledger Tables may be used.

Actually, there is no practical reason to use DocTables for anything else, than reprinting the doc later, if needed. Costing info in sales invoice line can not be updated in adequate manner and any attempt to do so will lead to dramatic performance losses.

Look at the ItemLedger - ValueEntry tables, how costing is maintained. Not only Purchases and ACIE are involved - there may be also:

  • Charge(Item) entries - you may add additional indirect costs (freight, customs taxes, you name it) months after the purchase;
  • Revaluation entries - adjusting stock value accordingly to current market prices;
  • Some companies maintain MA as Items on stock - these might be yearly/monthly depreciated the same way as FA

maybe there is more, can’t remember all cases on the spot - and all this simply has no room in DocumentTables.