Unit Cost(LCY) & Unit Cost is showing 0

Dear all,

I have a problem - An item has Last Direct Cost is Rs.26000/- & Unit Cost is also Rs.26000/-(in the item card). When the same item was sold, then in Posted Sales Invoice, the Unit Cost(LCY) & Unit Cost is showing 0.

What is the reason behind it?



The sales order was put on prior to the last receipt and unit cost being populated.

When you run the adjust cost item entry the value in the ledger entries will be correct - the details on the sales line and posted invoice are never updated so you need to look to the ledgers.

Hi adam,

Thnx for instant reply.

In some of the cases the Ledger entries showing such amount of “Unit Cost” value which are never applied for any Purchase Order. [:P]

The ledger entry takes the current unit cost as an expected cost, it will then update this appropriately depending upon the costing method and the purhcase invoice processing with the adjust cost item entry routine being run and any revaluation, item charge processing etc, if you drill into the value entry it will show you the make up of the unit cost.