Unfilled records in tables

I have a general problem related to Navision. One of my clients wants that record in a table should not be saved till he fills some of mandatory fields while Navision insert record in table when primary key is fed in. He wants a message should be displayed when he move from current record that ‘It is in “Edit Mode” Wish to Continue or not’ If ‘No’ is selected current partially filled record should be deleted. (On exit from form I have done it by writing code on QueryCloseForm Event) · Many of table related triggers on form do not allow manipulation of table from within.[}:)] Is there any way I can find out whether the current record is one I am freshly entering or seeing/manipulating old one? Paramjit Singh Delhi India

Check out the Form-property DelayedInsert. A word of warning, though. Rather than changing the general behaviour of Navision, it is far more sensible to explain to the client how Navision works. The client will be better off accepting that. Anyway, I’m sure this has been covered before - perform a SEARCH for additional info.

I would say make it a habit of NEVER EVER program anything data related in any form trigger. Forms are a bitch to navigate, and when you program an error in any of those triggers, the form will close anyway. You’d be better off writing some kind of validation routine as a function of the table that checks the values of the fields that you want to check and calling this function from OnInsert, OnModify and so on and raise an error if the record isn’t good. That way, the form doesn’t close and the values are still there when you return to the form for the user to complete.