Unexpected Error in EP while adding a user control.

I am adding a user control through Visual studio, added that user control to AOT. And when i create a web part in EP (AX 2009) after cliking on EXIT EDIT MODE it showing a following error.



The first error line states it quite clear that SharePoint couldn’t find the akcustform.ascx file.

Check this folder on your Enterprise Portal machine (SharePoint machine):

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\ep

Do you find your akcustform.ascx file in the folder? If not, something’s not deployed properly.

Do AOD refresh in EP, then restart IIS (run iisreset from command line). You have to get this file in that folder.

Hi Jenis.

Thanks for commenting.

that akcustform.ascx file is not present in that folder. I restart the IIS but still that file is missing. Not only this file my each n every file is missing their…

What do you mean with “every file”, do you say that there also no other AX webpart files in that folder? Even the standard webparts? Do you find for example a file “smmBusRelOverview.ascx”?

Open you AX development environment, locate your “akcustform” webpart (AOT → Web → Web Files → Web Controls → akcustform), right-click on it and do “Deploy”. Did the file finally appear in the EP folder?

I mean to say that each n every file which I created, that file is not avilable.

and i checked with AOT-> Web → Web files - > web controls - > akcustform

after right cliking on that their is no deploy option avilable their

Oh, sorry, you were talking about AX2009. Yes, you can’t deploy a single webpart that easily as in AX2012.

Well - then redeploy the whole EP.

Btw, here’s a cool video explaining the deployment process.


Yes. I got it…

Thanks Janis. Thank you so much for your time.