Unexpected end tag error in BC wave 2

Hi all,

I have a simple variable text XMLport which imports data into two fields of a custom table.

But I get the following error when I pass ‘invoice’ as transaction type and transaction ID 1.

This is how I’m testing it:-


I am clueless on what is wrong. Any help would be highly appreciated.


It’s most likely an error in the file you’re trying to import. Try to open the XML file using Internet Explorer, that will typically show you the problem.

Thank you. Yes, the issue was with the data in blob field.

i have the same issue. Can you post the solution?

Save your XML-file to your desktop
Open your browser and drag the xml-file into your brower

this issue happens when trying to import instream with xmlport. i get the same error. I don’t use xml file

You have to save as an XML-file if you want to find the missing tag part as fast as possible…Or debug your code…