undo receipt g/l account

Hi all, I would like be able to make a PO or a (Sales Ord) with a Type g/l account,post,receive (only),and then in the document"Posted Purchase Receipt" use “functions-undo receipt”.There is a possibility to undo the Receipt Document? Thanks in advance Luca

Hi Luca I am afraid as standard the line has to be item type to allow undo. I do not know the inner machanics but the processing will reverse the original transaction along with all associated GL and inventory transactions. They have not allowed this functionality for resources or GL. You can post a general journal to reverse the transactions.

As long as u have only post as “Receive” u can always use undo receipt to undo G/L Account Type. The reason is there are no g/l entries posted when u post “Receive”,only when u post “Invoice” g/l entries are created.I have put the piece of code to be modified below in Codeunit 5813 for NA3.60W1 Version. From now on u can undo purchase rcpt. lines for both Item and G/L Account. Code Modified: Code() WITH PurchRcptLine DO BEGIN CLEAR(ItemJnlPostLine); SETRANGE(Correction,FALSE); REPEAT IF NOT HideDialog THEN Window.OPEN(Text007); //TG mod 04.11.03 hem. IF Type = Type::“G/L Account” THEN TESTFIELD(“Qty. Rcd. Not Invoiced”,Quantity) ELSE CheckPurchRcptLine(PurchRcptLine); //TG end 04.11.03 hem. UNTIL NEXT = 0; FIND(’-’); REPEAT IF NOT HideDialog THEN Window.OPEN(Text001); //TG mod 04.11.03 hem. IF Type <> Type::“G/L Account” THEN ItemRcptEntryNo := PostItemJnlLine(PurchRcptLine) ELSE CLEAR(ItemRcptEntryNo); //TG end 04.11.03 hem. InsertNewReceiptLine(PurchRcptLine,ItemRcptEntryNo); UpdatePurchLine(PurchRcptLine);

Hi JHC! I disagree with your solution, JHC - Surely Navision can create entries in G/L, if you are posting a receipt - you should look at field “Expected Cost Posting to G/L” in “Inventory Setup”!! Brgds Roland

Hi Ronald, I think u misunderstood the concept…“Expect Cost Posting to G/L” is meant only when the “Purchase Line” Type is Item…not when “G/L Account” …G/L Account posting as receipt has nothing to do with Inventory Module at all… regards, Hem

Hi Chandar, Thank you very much!it works!!..correct! Best Regards, Luca

Hi, Will this change also work for Item Charge? We want to un-do Item charge after it posted as received. Thanks, Trin

Hi Trin Not looking at the code it is specifically for G/L entries, presumably because the application of the item charge has further reaching consequences with the cost and subsequent cost of sale. Then again I am not a developer no have no real idea [;)]

hi Chandar

Im trying the same code that u have written but its giving me some problem.It only undo the first line of the rcpt line.for example ive made 2 lines in PO and received partial qty against each line.now if i want to undo the receipt it will only do it for the first line.Any suggestion?

Hi Cristy and welcome to forum,

It’s not likely that Chandar will answer as his LastOnline is 3 years ago, and thread itself is 7 years old…

But did you read all the answers above? Actually if Type is GL Acc, there is nothing to UN-Receive - only SO line fields Qty to Receive & Qty Received have changed…

Hi Every one,

How to undo sales dispatch along with Item Ledger Entries we have a requirement from client to undo Mark ledger entries …



Hi Sai,

Kindly check in posted sales shipment

Functions–> Undo Shipment.

Hi Adam,

A quick question on the code change that Chander has suggested to undo posted receipts. I tried changing the code on NAV 2009 R2 version but am getting errors. Chander has mentioned that it is for a old version of NAV. Any suggestion on how I can undo posted receipt which was posted to a GL account rather than an Item.





I know this is a very old thread. I too face a similar problem. May I know whether the Chander’s solution worked on 2009 R2 ?


Yeah the solution suggetsed by Chander works very good for 2009 r2 i tried and one of our client using this facility…