Undo checkout


I accidentally compiled the code, so it added all AOT elements in user layer to version control, and all the jobs, methods changed as uneditable.

How should I undo the checkout for all layers?

Thanks in advance.

Don’t you mean undoing the add operation, instead of undoing checkouts?
I would rollback the changeset through Team Explorer rather than AX.

Thanks, Martin Drab.


see in pending objects entire AOT got added…

See my jobs got changed like this, if i want to edit I need to do checkout this job

I tried rollback https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa882687(v=ax.50).aspx

there is no get option.

I need to undo all objects from version control.

I assume you didn’t follow my suggestion because you don’t know how. Here is some documentation: Roll back changesets.