UNDO Application in Customer ledger

Hello, Has anyone created a Mod to undo applications in Customer ledger? Please let me know. Kartik 520-290-8870 X 101

Hi Kartikeya I believe liberty grove have this offering - although I have never used it personally. http://www.libertyforever.com/currentlist.asp It looks like it has been written for version 2.60 and 3.10. David Studebaker is a regular contributor to this site and works for Liberty Grove Software, Inc. so you could ask him any further questions.

I can also add that Dave Studebaker/Liberty Grove software is an excellent firm and has done some great work for us.

Hi We have several installs of this feature, here is more info http://www.simcrest.com/Simcrest1/SimCrestproducttemplate1.asp?ProductID=Void%20Pay For a list of all our add-ons see here http://www.simcrest.com/Simcrest1/Simcrestproducts.asp

Thank you very much everyone. I will pursue all options and have the customer choose the best. Regards