Undo a purchase invoice.

Hi All,

How do you undo a wrongfully posted invoice on a Purchase Order?

For example, I have a Purchase Order with a line with Quantiy=10 and have received 5 of those. I then receive an invoice from my supplier for 3 of those, but wrongfully invoice 5. How do I reverse the invoicing of those 5 but keep the receipt of the 5 on inventory?

I could do a Purchase Credit Memo for 5 units (maybe with Copy Document), but that also negatively adjusts my inventory with 5, which it shouldn’t (because I still have those items on inventory)… So financially this works, but now my inventory says I have no items on inventory, which I do…? What I really need is a Credit Memo, that only credits the invoicing part - not the receipts.

I don’t get it…

Please help :frowning:


It is not possible in Navision by design (even no modification can be done - that would completely break system logic if someone tried)…

Please read this thread, I recently answered this same question.

Thanks! Will have a look at that thread.

I’ve read the thread now and am left with the conclusion that there is nothing to do about the Purchase Order. The only way to get that throught the system is to invoice the remaining Q=5 on the line.

However, as the vendor expects the first payment to be of only 3 items, I will have to make sure all 10 items on the Purchase Order are creditted out, bringing both the inventory and the amount owed to the vendor down to zero (probably with copy document to get the application straight). Then I will have to re-create 2 purchase invoices, one with Q=3 and another with Q=7.

Can you confirm that this would be the right approach.

Thank you very much for your help - much appreciated!


The link I posted had more problems, but I gave it to you because there was an explanation about CM reversing only Amt, leaving Qties intact…

Un-Receiving invoiced items is impossible (although you can Un-Receive Items that are received but not yet invoiced in NAV).

Roll back fully the original PO with CM, create new identical one (CopyDoc), and create correct Invoices for your vendor. All the correcting documents are of course for internal use, you don’t need to send them to vendor.

In the short meantime while you enter all the docs Inventory will be decreased, too, but upon completing the process Qties will be OK again.

BTW, all docs (and Journals) have a well-forgotten and rarely used field Correction (usually not present on form/page, but can be easily added) - if this field in PCM is checked, NAV will post Amounts in accordance to STORNO procedure, that is, negative Db instead of Cr and negative Cr instead of Db, if your accountants wish to use this method, it can be arranged easily.

Thank you once again Modris. And great idea with the Correction field! I will surely consider that one.