Under delivery functionality

Hi All ,

In AX 2012 , Item master we can define the over delivery and under delivery % for purchase , sales and transfer order .

I am very clear about the over delivery functionality for example if i defined the over delivery % - 5 .

If the i create the PO with the Qty @ 100 then system will not allow to recieve more then 105 .( even i receive partial receipts )

But i am not clear about the how does the Under delivery functionality works ?

Could any pioneer explain with an example ?

Thanks in advance

Create a PO for 100, set the underdelivery as 5 %. that means allowed under delivery is 95.

During the packing slip, set the quantity as 90 and select the “Close” check box and try processing it. System wont allow you because allowed under delivery is 5% but your under delivery is 10%.

Now, set it 95 and select “close” check box and process. You can see the order status gets changed to “Delivered”


very helping reply but how can I use under delivery quantity in Transfer order to cancel the delivery remainder?