Uncheck the checkbox, if check another checkbox using class

Hi All,

I have three checkbox( eg: A,B and C) in form [ AX 2012]. I want to check only one at a time, when i check another one ,the previous one should be uncheck automatically. Actually, I want to do it by class only ( FOR LEARNING PURPOSE) not by the form method. After checking this checkbox, have to do some operation(Like: addition, substraction) based on checked checkbox.

So, please tell me how can i do this(uncheck checkbox when other checkbox is check) using class.The further operation will try by own.

Thanks in Advance.


It sounds like you’re using a wrong control. You should use a single radio button instead of three checkboxes.

thank you so much Martin for reply,

Actually, I used three checkbox to execute three different required operation.This type my requirement is there.

So , please give me some advice to do it.



A radio button will allow you to execute three different operations as well. In fact, it allows you to focus on these operation, because you won’t have to waste time writing UI logic which has been already implemented by Microsoft and wrapped in the radio button control. If you drop the wrong technical requirement, you’ll become more productive, you surely won’t make any bugs in the UI logic (because there won’t be any code) and you’ll provide the usual look and feel to application users. Using three checkboxes has no benefits, as far as I can say.