Unbound Fields

Hi, I was trying to create an unbound field in a tabular form. All was well until I tried to enter some data in this form. The first line (record) kept the data I keyed in, but when moving to a new line (record) and keyed in some new data in this field, the first record data changed to this new data. Any help on how to create an unbound field in a tabular form?

The SourceExpr of the Control you created is a Variable. If you assign it a value, it will be displayed on the Form disregarding which record you look at. What do you want to do? Maybe it will be easier for us to help you then.

Hi Apickard, In order to doing the unbound field (UnBoundVar), you need to store the keyed value in some place. I suggest you to create a field (AssitField) in the table which linkage to the form. Other then that, you need to writting some coding in the form. Form - OnAfterGetRecord() UnBoundVar := AssitField; OnAfterValidate() Trigger of Text Box of UnBoundVar AssitField := UnBoundVar; COMMIT; Attachment is the sample objects for your question.
Attachment: ObjectsforUnboundFields.zip ( 1429bytes )

First of all thank you all for your help What I was trying to do is to create a field (unbound) without the need to create it in a table. Reason for this is that I need the field only temporary while user is filling in the table. Example. In Payment journal, I want the user to fill in two extra fields, one called and the second . will be used to print on the Cheque while both and will be concatenated together to fill the actual Navision field - Description (which I will mark as Not Editable) which will be later posted as normal. Therefore these 2 fields are needed only as temporary; ie until cheques for this batch are printed. Of course life could be easier and I could ignore all this complexity and use substring to take part of the description for my cheque printing, but I believe this is a cleaner solution for end users, since this will force users to follow a pattern. I hope this example clarifies my requirement, and once again thanks for your professional contributions.

The solution still fulfill your requirement, because the AsistField in your case is “Description”. But you need to change some coding and have some symbol on “Description”, and remender the total character of “Description Part 1” and “Description Part 2” cann’t exceed the character of “Description”. For Example: “Description” = 50 character “Description Part 1” = 25 character (better set to 22 char) “Description Part 2” = 25 character (better set to 22 char) Let say : “Description Part 1” = ‘ABCD’ “Description Part 2” = ‘DEFG’ So “Description” should look like ‘ABCD DEFG’ When user reopen this form, you need to separate the “Description” to tell system the “Description Part 1” = ‘ABCD’ and “Description Part 2” = ‘DEFG’ But problem is you need a special symbol like ‘#’, ‘’ in “Description” to help you to do the separation. So “Description” should look like ‘ABCD_DEFG’ and the coding should look like : Form - OnAfterGetRecord() SymbolPosition := STRPOS(Description, '’); “Description Part 1” := COPYSTR(Description,1,(SymboPostion - 1)); “Description Part 2” := COPYSTR(Description,(SymbolPosition +1),(STRLEN(Description) - SymbolPosition)); OnAfterValidate() Trigger of Text Box of “Description Part 1” and “Description Part 2” Description := “Description Part 1” + ‘_’ + “Description Part 2”; COMMIT;

Hi Chee, thanks a lot for your detailed example and expenation. This definitely works. What I was wondering is if you can do without adding a new field in the table. But I think I am stupid to ask such a question since where is the value for each record going to be held??? [B)] Thanks once again