Unapplied payments on vendor card

Hi all!!!

can someone please suggest me how can I get the list of unapplied payments on vendor card just like the balance field.

so that if I click on the field it shows me the list of unapplied payments only or with remaining amount<>0

Hi yuneek,

Filter on “Open” field. Open=True are those entries that are not applied. Open=False are applied entries.

You can create a new field, copy of “Balance” field, and change the flowfiled filter to get only open entries.

I did the same, but instead of showing me vendor ledger entry it opens detailed vendor ledger entry table.

which becomes no use for me.

This is because the flowfield is calculated on detailed entries. You need to add code on “OnLookup” field trigger to force to open “Vendor ledger entries” instead. You can add this code in “OnDrillDown” field trigger in the page:

For instance, in Vendor Card, in “OnDrillDown” “Balance (LCY)” has this code:

Balance (LCY) - OnDrillDown()
DtldVendLedgEntry.SETRANGE("Vendor No.","No.");
COPYFILTER("Global Dimension 1 Filter",DtldVendLedgEntry."Initial Entry Global Dim. 1");
COPYFILTER("Global Dimension 2 Filter",DtldVendLedgEntry."Initial Entry Global Dim. 2");
COPYFILTER("Currency Filter",DtldVendLedgEntry."Currency Code");

You only need to add a filter for open field.