Unable to synchronize users after database restoration in NAV

Hello All,

I am working on Navision upgrade from NAV 2009 to NAV 2009 SP1, I received database file from client(.fdb).

As a Database migration activity I took backup of this file and restore it on new database created in NAV using sql server.I am able to restore backup on newly created database but when I created new windows login on the NAV and try to synchronize it, system gives following error.

Table 14020040 does not exist.

Please provide solution to figure out this problem.


Is this some localized database? The objects in 14020040 range, must be some localized/ add-on objects, check if you have other objects also in that range.

Refer following:


Hello Dhan Raj,

There isnt any object available in that range.

I have gone through link provided by you and I have compile as well as run codeunit 2,

but still I am not able to figure out the cause of the error…

Please help…


What steps did you take to make the upgrade? Upgrade is not only taking backup of Nav 2009 and restore it to SP1. You have to prepare the objects too and if you have any customizations in Nav 2009, you have to to do it in Nav 2009 sp1 too. Have you done that?

Have you turned on the Debugger and tried this? Does it give you any hint as to what object is looking for this data? Have you compiled all objects and checked the one don’t compile?

Imran/DigitecKid ,

In this Navision upgrade process I have followed following steps

  1. Opened the database file(Native database file(.fdb)) provided by client with super user credentials using Navision Classic Client

  2. As the database file is in native database and I had to migrate it in Sql server for upgrade, so for that I had first test that database if it does have support for sql server.

a. As a part of database test I have use the option File>Database>Test, it gives warnings for only test field relationships between tables ,other test completed successfully.

b. Compile all the objects in the database.

c. Then I imported Migrate.fob file which is available in Upgrade Toolkit and then I compile and run codeunits as specified in upgrade toolkit manual.

d. After compiling and running codeunits in the system, I took backup of existing database in(.fbk)

e. Open Navision with sql server and created new database as a part of database migration activity.

f. Now I have restored the back up file on newly created database, restoration is done successfully with warnings for some objects.

g. Now I have opened existing company in the database, all the data in the company is available now.

h. When I tried to create windows user and after that tries to synchronise it that time system gives error.

Table 14020040 does not exist.


As I followed until was a part of data migration activity, and If I am not wrong Object customization and Data upgradation activity will be done after successful completion of database migration process.

Please let me know whatever steps I am following are correct or not and I If there are any wrong steps then please guide me on this front.


Above is not correct.

You need to do the “Compare & Merge” step in-between your above mentioned steps.


If the database is US localized database, then Table 14020040 is Payroll Setup Table (I have checked it in 3.7 version, not sure about NAV 2009 or SP1)…


Yes,This is US localized database but I am not able to see Table 14020040 under Table objects.

What is the reason?

As per your reply in this forum I will check compare and merge and let you know in case of any queries.



Restoring an FBK should not have brought any warnings. The backup should have been for data only into a blank database. Was this the Tools, Restore function or did you import an FOB, (while the Object Designer is open) File, Import?

It sounds like you need to go back a few steps. Between E and F above do this…

  1. Identify all the modified standard and add-on objects in the customer’s NAV 2009 database.
  2. Export these objects as text.
  3. Export these same objects from a standard NAV 2009 version as text. This may require importing a standard version of the add-on (of the same version) into a standard NAV 2009 database in order to get the standard add-on objects.
  4. Compare the modified objects with the standard and identify the changes.
  5. Move the modifications from the original objects into the new NAV 2009 sp1 objects. This may require importing a standard version of the add-on updated for NAV 2009 sp1 so you have the objects to move the modifications into.
  6. Restore the standard NAV 2009 sp1 backup that came with the installation into a new database.
  7. Import the correct NAV 2009 sp1 versions of any add-on’s.
  8. Now import your updated NAV 2009 sp1 objects from the merge in steps 1 - 5.

Depending on their add-on’s you may have to get a data update procedure from the creator of the add-on in order to transform the data correctly.


Yes I have done backup through Tools>Restore.

I will follow compare and merge steps provided by you and let you know in case of any queries.


Check Your old database. There You should have table 14020040. I think Your problem is that You have permissions for a non existing table.


There isnt any Table 14020040 availabale as such but reference to this table is present.



Check if in Permission Table (Table ID 2000000005), If table 14020040 has a permission listed in that.

Try after deleting permission for that table.


It could be that when you restored the data there is a permission entry for table 14020040, check this in the old database.

in the new database run table 2000000005 Permission and Filter the ObjectID on 14020040 and see if there is a table or tabledata entry, if so just delete that permission entry.


Dude try checking your license!