Unable to run PO Workflow - Error message

Hi ,

I have tried to setup PO Workflow by using Managerial hierarchy with amounts across several departments. However i dont understand why the workflow does not work. I have checked all workers and positions inside the workflow and they are all there. I have even created the same workflow logic for PR ( purchase requisition) and it works fine using same departments and workers. Any idea???

This is the message below that i have.

Stopped (error): X++ Exception: Worker ID not set or record not found for %1, %2. Verify that the extended data type matches, and that the worker exists.
at SysWorkflowHierarchyProvider-resolve

What is the probelm?? I have setup all workers / employees and also setup hierarchy but I dont know why the wf does not working. Any help is appreciated. thanks

Hi , I just found something strange. The "requester "field was empty when I submitted my PO workflow so it looks like the system does not insert the “requester” on the PO as it does on the PR.

So is it a bug? or do I have to enter the requester every time I create a PO line and for each line I created. Your input is welcome

I’ve just had this issue.

In short, the label is @SYS119261, which is meant to take two parameters yet is never called with any parameters.

The Label is “Worker ID not set or record not found for %1, %2. Verify that the extended data type matches, and that the worker exists.”

The error is called from this class:


It is called from one of these two functions:



What the error is TRYING to say is that while navigating the nodes (i.e. initiating or going up the nodes of a hierarchy) AX came to a node that had no value.

I changed the error to return the datatype and error that were being used.

For me, it was caused by the node data type being Requester but the Value was empty. I had an automatic condition on the workflow that if the Requester was blank, go to an approval task that starts with the Workflow Originator, but if the Requester wasn’t blank go to an approval task that start with the Requester. For some reason this condition was being ignored or for whatever reason failed and all flow went to the requester based approval task. Manually editing the workflow a couple of times and saving it fixed the issue.

So the point is that the error is likely to be occurring if you are using Requester as the starting point for assignment of the review task but there is no requester on the PO.

Hi Philip, Thanks for your response. I will try to see how a requester can be setup by default when creating a PO