Unable to post Purch CM with CDN Sales Tax

We think we have discovered the following issues for posting purchase credit memos in the North American version of Attain (3.10B improvement 7 or 3.60 Beta2): - GL Inconsistency error when trying to post a Purch. CM with expense/capitalize checked in the Tax Details setup of Sales Tax - this issue is unique to Canadian sales taxes - A posted Purch. CM using any other sales tax setup does not post the amounts correctly to GL accounts and Vendor Ledger entries (all zero) - this issue is valid for North America Please let me know if anybody agrees with our findings - perhaps we have setup issues with sales taxes but I dont think so.

I think Improvement 008 addresses the posting CM with Sales Tax problems. We were getting that GL inconsistency error and if I recall correctly the issue was having some detail lines tax liable and others not. The Tax Liable field value in the purchase line table must match the value of the tax liable field in the purchase header. Creative use of Tax Group Code field is required to have some lines GST and/or PST elegible and others not. (Never mind about self-remitting taxes - that’s a whole other story.) Move to Alberta. No PST to worry about. [:)] Django