Unable to perform "product receipt quantity match"

during the 3 way math of my PO, the system returns " Product receipt quantity match = Not performed" . can someone explain? All parameters are set on AP parameters : Enable invoice mathcing validation =yes; Line matching policy = Three-way matching; Allow matching policy override = higher than company policy.

Hi Taty, what is the process you follow for creating PO invoices?
You can go to Accounts Payable → Common → Vendor Invoices → Pending Vendor Invoices. On the form, select the option from Product receipt, select the product receipts & generate the pending invoice.


On the vendor invoice, you can consolidate the product receipts the way that you require.


Tks for the reply krupa. however, i was not talking about an issue with posting invoices.
My question was more about: why the system retursn " " Product receipt quantity match = Not performed" on the line when i was doing the matching. i expected the system to return "passed " or “failed” for the line when the quantity received was different than the quantity ordered. I hope it’s more clear. tks