Unable to import page with xml format in 2009 R2

Hi everyone, I am upgrading navision 4.0 to 2013.I have converted form to pages with transformation tool.That file id is 33000004. Though i am having developer license,It wont allow me to import pages with type of xml.I am always getting “You do not have permission to create the object” Error. Can anyone plz give your idea. Thanks.

Hi Jesu,

It seems to me that you do not have the (license) rights to create a page with that ID. Isn’t this ID (33000004) in the range of the Spanish (ES) localization? Only Microsoft has the right to create objects in that range.

You might have to import that object from a fob file first, then import your customized version from the xml file.

Hi Luc Van, Thanks for your reply. It is indian localization.(33000004) is the addon (HR payrole from Neogyn but unfortunately they close the company).I can able to modify and create new form with my client license in Navision 4.0 sp3 but I am unable to the same in 2009 R2 after form transformation to form.any solution for the above?. Thanks.

Thanks George, I don’t have fob file. Though don’t have .fob file i can able to import page with xml format in 50000 series after forms transformation. why it is not working the same thing for the other series?.Can we convert page with xml format to .fob file? Thanks for your help.

Sounds like your license doesn’t have permissions to create pages in that 33.000.000 range.