Unable to edit/turn on Flows in P/A after migration to a new tenant

We have migrated our Sandbox environment to a new Tenant in Europe, and are testing that everything works as expected before migrating our Production environment. We can finally see the Cloud Flows in Power Automate > Objects that we exported to a Solution, but we are unable to edit them in Power Automate. Does anyone have advice on what to try?

We get different error messages when we try to edit:
1. Error: Could not find flow “”
2. Error: The XRM workflow table row could not be found.

We suspect this has to do with the new tenant ID’s, but we can’t seem to figure out where to find the new ID’s since we can’t get to them.

Hi - looks like a tricky issue. We’ve had some feedback during our migraiton process from Microsoft about flows, and have not had this issue. We are offering a free hour consultation this month though (no obligation) but we might be able to get to the bottom of the issue if you’re still stuck?
Let me know, I’d be happy to schedule an hour in and see if we can help get to the issue.