Unable to Delete Item from Item List

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Hope this is the correct place to post this question but I am trying to delete some 0 qty items out of my item list but keep running into the error 'cannot delete item xx because it has ledger entries in fiscal year that has not been closed yet ’

These items are in the item list with 0 quantity and have been for some time, so I am just trying to clean up our item list as we are not planning on selling these items again in the future.

Does anyone know a way around this error msg? or what steps I need to take reconcile these so called outstanding ledger entries?

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Items with history (Item Ledger Entries) cannot be deleted. You can block them (Item Card - General tab) so that they cannot be placed on orders of have any other transactions made.


For auditing purpose, any item with historical data are not supposed to be deleted. You can put them on block. It will prevent the item from being used.
Another option is to rename and add Z prefix to the Item No. , example: 00001 β†’ Z0001. This will push the item to the end of the list.


Thanks for the replies. Is there any way to hide such items from the items list?

Yes, you can set the Filter: Blocked = No

You can do this as a Configuration change to a profile if you want to push this out to all Users.

You can actually delete the item, but as the error indicates, the fiscal year must be closed for any item ledger entries that occur in that year. Have you closed the fiscal year? Not just restricting posting dates, but actually going to the Accounting Periods page and closing the fiscal year. You should then be able to remove the item. With that being said, just because you can delete them doesn’t mean you should. I agree with the other posters suggesting to just block the items from use.

Not by standard. You can do design / customization to do this.
One possible way is to use Security Filter to filter out blocked item. Not sure whether you will have issue or not during posting.