Unable to create a Put Away - Advanced Warehousing.

Hi everyone,

In a complete pickle here. I have not been able to create a Put Away from my Warehouse Receipts. These have posted fine, but no Put Away was created.

All my stock is sitting in the Receipts Bin, which is a Receive Only Bin Type. It is not therefore available within the warehouse in my usual Pick/Put locations.

When trying to create a Put Away manually from the Posted Warehouse Receipt I get this completely useless error:8132.Capture.PNG

Google has returned no results for this. I have tried Warehouse Reclass Journals, creating Internal Put Aways, Put Away Worksheets - you name it. I cannot find any way to either create a Put Away, or move the stock out of this bin into the areas it needs to go.

I would very gratefully accept any help and pointers you have. Thank you :slight_smile:

Apologies everyone, I have managed to resolve the issue, there was something very weird happening with the Put Away Templates, I have finally managed to get it working.