Unable to change default dimension on item card

I am attempting to change the NAV default dimension value posting on out Item Card from “Same Code” to “Blank” and have been unable to do so.

When I use the documentation steps, it appears to let me save the “Blank” value, but then reverts when I create the next new Item.

Is there an underlying step that I am missing that could be causing this?

Without looking at the complete setup for default dimensions it’s hard to say what the issue is.

If you want to jump on a call to review let me know.


What version are you on? Are you able to change other default dimensions or is the problem happening on other items? Also, have you tried disabling any extensions to make sure there is no custom code interfering?


It sounds like the changes you are making to the default dimension value on the Item Card are not being saved properly. One possible reason for this could be that the change is not being made at the appropriate level in the system hierarchy.

To change the default dimension value posting on the Item Card, you will need to access the “Dimension Value Posting” page in NAV. From there, you can change the “Default Dimension Value Posting” field to “Blank” for the relevant dimension code.

If you have already done this and the changes are not being saved, it could be that there are other settings or processes in place that are overriding your changes. It might be worth consulting with a NAV expert or your system administrator to troubleshoot this issue further. They can help you identify any underlying steps or configurations that might be impacting your ability to change the default dimension value posting on the Item Card.